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The third and final pair of Xbox 20th Anniversary shoes were unveiled yesterday, and as any sneakerhead might guess, they sold out immediately. 

Priced at $140, the Adidas Forum Tech Boost sneakers sold out immediately, but it looks like more could be on the way. On the official Adidas storefront page for the shoes, you can sign up for email notification of future drops. Of course, it could just be referencing any incoming future drops, but we’re hoping it means more of these Boosts are on the way because they look great. 


As you can see above, they’re heavily inspired by the main talking points of Xbox – a sleek black color, highlights of translucent green, and of course, the classic Xbox logo. Xbox says these shoes specifically were inspired by the Xbox Series X, which makes sense – the first Xbox x Adidas collaboration highlighted the original Xbox design. The second drop was inspired by the Xbox 360. 

“The design is a nod to the Xbox Series X, a platform to experience 20 years of Xbox while also pushing technology to deliver the ultimate gaming experience,” an Xbox Wire post about the sneakers reads. “Draped in black netting against a green liner, the inside of the shoe resembles the iconic green vents of the Xbox Series X. The sneaker also includes our modern Xbox sphere logo with subtle highlights to represent our console power button and the elegant style of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controler.” 

The shoe also features a green heel and translucent sole that Xbox says pulls directly from its latest controller. Looking at the sole, you’ll find the Xbox 20th Anniversary logo tucked inside the shoe, too. 

The shoes went live for $140 yesterday and sold out immediately. Some pairs are already going for $200 on resale sites. If I know anything about shoes, those prices will almost certainly rise in the coming weeks. Hopefully, Adidas releases some additional pairs so that people interested in these can avoid resale prices. 

While waiting to see if Adidas releases some more, check out the first Xbox-themed sneakers revealed back in October and then take a look at these Xbox 360-inspired shoes. Check out these recently-unveiled Adidas x Guardians of the Galaxy sneakers after that.   

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