Mister Chief Joins The Fight! Here’s What Is In Halo Infinite’s Shop This Week Leave a comment

Halo Infinite’s shop updates every Tuesday at 10 a.m. PT with new items that players can purchase with credits. Since the launch of the free-to-play multiplayer component, 343 Industries has done a nice job of offering up colorful items for players to purchase. The latest rotation brings back someone who we may all love more than Master Chief.

That someone is Mister Chief! The adorable and overly intense comic version of Master Chief is now in Halo Infinite through a 2,000 credit bundle. This collection gives you AI models, charms, a nameplate, weapon, armor, and vehicle emblems that are modeled after this character.

The shop doesn’t offer any new Spartan armors today and instead focuses on vehicles. If you like your vehicles in shades of blue, you can purchase the A259 Collection, which gives you the blue Noble Principle vehicle coating, the Pilchuck Bumper for the warthog, and Blue Commando emblems.

You can also take to the skies in the all-white Snow Blind vehicle coating that is a part of the Snow Bird bundle. This pack comes with the Tundra Purist weapon coating and Sabre Response emblems.

The daily item listed today shows you what Master Chief’s skateboard would probably look like. The Shred or Die bundle comes with a Shreddin’ nameplate, UA/Type ST knee pads, a skull charm, and skateboard-themed emblems.

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