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Arcade1Up, makers of affordable arcade cabinets built at a manageable size to put in your home, is broadening its product line to offer a larger, full-size machine for collectors who want a more true-to-arcade experience. 

The first in the line of Arcade1Up’s Pro Series cabinets features a handful of games, centered around Rare’s classic fighter, Killer Instinct. What makes the Pro Series stand apart from its contemporaries isn’t its slate of games, though; it’s the construction of the cabinet itself.

Arcade1Up’s traditional home arcade machines stand somewhere between 47″ and 57″ tall, depending on whether you have it sitting on the height-boosting riser. The Killer Instinct Pro Series cabinet measures in at 67.5″ tall (or 5ft 6in), almost a foot taller than the typical cab with a riser setup. Its monitor is also larger at 19 inches compared to Arcade1Up’s standard 17-inch screens. Other premium additions include a lit marquee, faux chrome trim, molded fake coin slots, an upgraded joystick, and “more generous spacing between components that improves precision​.” It even comes with a Killer Instinct branded swivel stool that sports a backrest for (hopefully) comfortable seated play. Not bad!


Here are all of the specifications of the machine according to Arcade1Up: 

  • Wifi (Online Multiplayer)
  • Flush Cabinet Design stands at 67.5” Tall!
  • 19” LCD Screen
  • Upgraded Lit Marquee
  • Suzohapp Joysticks and Buttons
  • Upgraded Speakers and Speaker Grills
  • Clear Deck Protector
  • Molded coin door with light-up coin slots for 1-2 player start.
  • Faux Metal T-Molding
  • Faux Arcade1Up badge
  • Licensed Swivel Stool with Back Rest
  • Licensed Anti-fatigue mat included
  • Licensed Tin Sign 18” x 24”

Of course, you can’t enjoy the big vertical gaming box itself without some games to play on it. The Killer Instinct Pro Series cabinet comes loaded with both arcade Killer Instinct titles and a selection of Rare’s classic Battletoads games. Some, possibly all, of the games sport online multiplayer, though it has not been specified which ones do.

Here’s the full list of games you can play on the new Pro Series cab:


It’s nice to see Arcade1Up offer a cabinet closer to the standard size you’d find in an actual arcade for those looking for the extra elbow room, a bigger screen, or playing without hunching over. I’m excited to see which series follows KI in the Pro configuration. My fingers are crossed for NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, or Marvel Vs Capom 2. Arcade1Up’s website doesn’t list a price currently but expect this new product line to come in above the company’s ~$500 price range. 

What do you think of the Pro Series cabinet? Which games do you want to see get this treatment alongside Killer Instinct? Let us know in the comments!

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