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Last year, we celebrated that Game Pass Has PC Games by teaming up with Austin Evans and UrAvgConsumer to build custom rigs that embraced the themes of some of our biggest games. To add to the action, we enlisted TinyMakesThings to design her own stylized key caps that resembled the awesome games that launched on day one with PC Game Pass. From lively gameplay sessions to appearances from star athletes, we had some truly memorable moments, and we’re excited for what lies ahead.

We kicked off the PC Builder program with Back 4 Blood, when we challenged our builders to construct four beastly machines to be used for a co-op playthrough of the game where professional basketball players John Collins and Lou Williams faced off against the Ridden.

Looking Back on the Game Pass Has PC Games - PC Builder Series

From there, UrAvgConsumer emphatically responded to our challenge, as he built the toughest Age of Empires IV themed rig. This build, in addition to having the specs to play Age of Empires IV in stunning 4K quality, was also kitted in knight’s armor.

To celebrate Forza Horizon 5 coming day one with PC Game Pass, Austin Evans returned to assemble the perfect PC rig for professional racer Sergio Perez. Austin displayed his extreme creativity and resourcefulness when he turned a previously raced wheel into a Forza Horizon 5 inspired computer made special for Checco himself.

To finish off the year, we showed our excitement for Halo Infinite launching day one launch to PC Game Pass by having Austin and TinyMakesThings design a legendary gaming set up for football star George Kittle. For a Halo super fan like Kittle, Austin designed a John 117 build that included several nods to humanity’s hero. This build not only matched perfectly with the tight end’s Master Chief tattoo, but it was also the perfect machine to pair with Tiny’s Halo Infinite key caps.

UrAvgConsumer entered the scene as well with a stylish Escharum rig that was given to LEGIQN, the winner of our Halo Infinite Multiplayer’s Most Legendary Moment in the Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational with Boom TV.

Looking Back on the Game Pass Has PC Games - PC Builder Series

We had a great time immersing ourselves into the vibrant themes of our day one PC Game Pass games last year, that we are continuing to make more videos very soon! Game Pass Has PC Games, and with PC Game Pass, you can discover your next favorite game from exploring over 100+ high quality games.

We’ve enjoyed diving into day one games like Back 4 Blood, Age of Empires IV, Forza Horizon 5, and Halo Infinite, and we’re only just beginning. We hope you were able to clear up your backlog because we have even more games coming soon!

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