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Why settle for the tedious hellscape of real life when you could immerse yourself in the ominous, fiery terrors of Wraeclast instead? If you’re ready for exile, our latest expansion, Siege of the Atlas, has everything you desire from an Action RPG. Escape into a world of Eldritch horrors, customisable maps and, of course, tempting loot! This expansion introduces new pinnacle bosses, the Archnemesis Challenge league and revamps Path of Exile’s endgame systems. 


In Siege of the Atlas, you’re called forth to defend Wraeclast and the Atlas against two new cosmic threats: The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds. They seek to consume the Atlas and everything in it. Commander Kirac is establishing a militia and needs you to scout the Atlas to gather intel and keep these threats at bay. As well as new unique items, these new pinnacle bosses guard valuable currency which can be used to craft your valued items to make them as powerful as possible. 


Alongside this new storyline, we’ve reworked Path of Exile’s endgame to increase its depth while taking out the busywork present in its previous incarnation. We’ve removed the Atlas’ regions and have introduced a new Atlas-wide passive skill tree which enables you to specialise in playing whatever type of content you like best, and bolstering both its difficulty and reward. 


As you make your way to explore the endgame, you can indulge yourself in the Archnemesis Challenge League where you’ll assemble your own boss fights in order to earn valuable rewards. In each area, you’ll encounter Petrified Monsters and apply modifiers to them that you’ve collected in your travels. Each modifier changes the behaviour of the Petrified Monster and has a correlating reward that you can reap if you successfully slay it. These modifiers stack between subsequent monsters so you’ll need to plan accordingly in order to maximise your rewards and manage their difficulty. Modifiers can be combined together in recipes to yield even more challenging and rewarding ones. New challenge leagues come with a fresh ladder and economy which means it’s the perfect time to jump in.


Alongside the new pinnacle bosses, endgame improvements and Archnemesis Challenge League, we’ve introduced new unique items, adjusted Path of Exile’s game balance by buffing spellcasters, bow-wielding characters and more!

We’d love to see you on the shores of Wraeclast when Siege of the Atlas launches on February 9th! See you soon, exile.

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