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Shadow Warrior 3 has been a long-time coming for fans, but developer Flying Wild Hog finally confirmed the game is launching on March 1. A stylish (and self-aware) cinematic trailer celebrates the occasion in over-the-top fashion.

Hero Lo Wang returns and has some new traversal tricks up his sleeve such as a wall run, grapple hook, air dash, and double jump. You’ll still be slicing apart enemies with your katana or riddling them with bullets using a variety of firearms. He’ll need all the help he can get as he teams up with a powerful witch to slay a colossal dragon and hordes of demons.

Flying Wild Hog also announced a new voice cast consisting of Mike Moh (Lo Wang), Andromeda Dunker (Motoko), and SungWon Cho (Zilla). Alex Dobrenko reprises his role as Hoji. Shadow Warrior 3 was first announced in the summer of 2020 for a 2021 release, a window that obviously came and went. Fans have waited somewhat impatiently for an updated launch date, making this a good way to start the week. 

Shadow Warrior 3 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Those who pre-order receive the exclusive Koromodako Katana in-game weapon. Purchasing early on consoles also rewards players with Shadow Warrior 1 and 2 for free. 

For more on Flying Wild Hog, you can check out the latest trailer for their other 2022 supernatural action game, Evil West, here.

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