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Life is Strange was a surprise hit from DontNod way back in 2015 when it was released episodically over the year. Life is Strange: Before the Storm was also a hit, but not so much a surprise because after the original game, we all knew what DontNod and the Before the Storm team, Deck Nine, were capable of. 

Since the 2015 release of Life is Strange, we’ve received two mainline sequels in Life Is Strange 2 and Life is Strange: True Colors. The storylines have become even more branching and naturally, the visuals and performance of the series have improved. Now, those improvements have made their way back to the first two Life is Strange games and both are playable today in the Life is Strange: Remastered Collection. 

As the name implies, the collection features Life is Strange and Before the Storm remastered with increased visual fidelity and faster (and smoother) frame rates. You can check out what that looks like for yourself in the new launch trailer released today. 

“Firstly, I want to recognize DontNod for creating the incredible original Life is Strange game and now offer thanks to Deck Nine Games for improving the emotional on-screen performance of these beloved characters,” co-head of Square Enix External Studios Jon Brooke writes in a press release. “The result of both teams’ hard work is that the Life is Strange Remastered Collection can be the beginning of an exciting and emotional journey for many new players for years to come.” 

Here are some of the features in this collection:

  • Updated character models and environment visuals
  • Improved motion-captured lip-sync and facial animation
  • All-new engine and lighting upgrades
  • Updates to some puzzle gameplay
  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered includes previously released deluxe content (bonus outfits and the ‘Farewell’ bonus episode)
  • All licensed tracks and original scores from the original games 

Anyone who purchased the Ultimate Edition of Life is Strange: True Colors will receive the Remastered Collection. Otherwise, you can purchase the collection for $39.99 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC. 

While waiting for the collection to download, check out our thoughts on the original games in Game Informer’s Life is Strange review and Game Informer’s Life is Strange: Before the Storm review. Be sure to read what we thought of the latest in the series in Game Informer’s Life is Strange: True Colors review after that. 

Are you going to pick up Life is Strange: Remastered Collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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