Time On Frog Island Invites You To Make Silly Trades With Froggy Citizens To Fix Your Ruined Boat Leave a comment

Time on Frog Island is a delightfully silly-looking sandbox game that puts you in the shipwrecked boots of a sailor stranded on an island. He needs to repair his vessel to escape and can only turn to the island’s frog citizens for help. Unfortunately, the sailor can’t speak his language and can only get the materials he needs by trading for them.

The core of the game involves navigating a web of trades as you sprint across the island, figuring out different methods of gathering everything everyone needs while solving puzzles. Holding different items grants unique abilities, encouraging discovery and experimentation. Your captain protagonist also sports a froggy tongue for some reason, which you can use to snap distant items. When you’re not reassembling your boat, you can relax with some fishing or farming.  You can watch the new trailer unveiled during GDC below. 

Time on Frog Island hops to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC this summer.

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