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BioShock Infinite just had its nine-year anniversary on Saturday, having first released on March 26, 2013, and now, fans are noticing something odd about the PC version of the game: it has quietly received 13 updates this month. 

That’s quite a lot of updates, but it’s more than a dozen on top of multiple that have consistently gone live in BioShock Infinite since roughly September 2021, as reported by TheGamer. What’s odd is that 2K, the publisher behind BioShock Infinite, hasn’t really publicly acknowledged these updates. On top of that, there’s no confirmed reasoning behind them either as BioShock Infinite remains the same game it was before the updates started happening. 

According to TheGamer, it received seven updates in 2021 and now, in March alone, it’s had 13. Players have begun speculating about what these updates mean, and why they’re happening, and some have arrived at a possible remaster of BioShock Infinite, or a new-gen update (which could theoretically affect the PC version). Others think that perhaps 2K is working on some back-end stuff to make BioShock Infinite a Steam Deck-ready game. 

However, what seems most likely is some behind-the-scenes work on 2K launch integration, as pointed out by LitheBeep on Reddit. Zorklis on Reddit, in response, said one of the updates features “2K Launcher Development Branch” in it, seemingly confirming that the updates have to do with this launcher and not anything more exciting like a remaster or new-gen update. Perhaps 2K will end the speculation by letting everyone know what’s going on with BioShock Infinite. 

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[Source: TheGamer]

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