Is That The Forest Moon Of Endor From Star Wars In The Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer? Leave a comment

Kingdom Hearts 4 was surprise-revealed yesterday during a 20th Anniversary stream for the series, which is also where Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, a new mobile game for the franchise, was announced. 

Now that fans have had a days’ time to pour over every shot in the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer and speculate on what this or that means, some people are beginning to think the Forest Moon of Endor, the fan-favorite Star Wars location from Episode VI, is teased in it. If you recall, the Kingdom Hearts 4 reveal showcases some beautiful shots of nature – lots of green foliage, a small creek, perhaps some Redwood trees. That description sounds a lot like Endor, right? That’s probably not enough to call the shot, though, but some fans have noticed a peculiar metal structure in one of the shots and it looks a lot like an AT-ST foot. 

Twitter user @aitaikimochi pointed this out, as you can see above, and they might be on to something because that sure does look like a match. Now, of course, it could be anything else but seeing that foot in a setting that looks like that begs the question: are we finally going to get Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts?

It’s a world Kingdom Hearts and Disney fans have wanted for years (as well as something in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, too – imagine Sora, Donald, and Goofy stepping out of a portal in the famous Endgame portal scene) that hasn’t yet happened, and Kingdom Hearts 4 could finally make it possible. We’ll have to wait and see because right now, who knows when Kingdom Hearts 4 will be released. While the reveal trailer was quite extensive, it doesn’t mention a release window so as for when we’ll be playing it, that’s anybody’s guess. 

We want to know, though: Do you think that’s Endor? What do you think it is if not Endor? What are some previously-unvisited worlds you hope we get to go to in Kingdom Hearts 4? Let us know in the comments!

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