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Niantic Labs is no stranger to cute creatures featured in AR mobile games; it popularized the genre with games like Pokémon Go and Pikmin Bloom. But now, Niantic is betting on its own IP with the new AR experience called Peridot. 

The game is named after the critters at the center of the game. Peridots, or Dots as Niantic also calls them, are to be raised from birth to adulthood and can be bred to create new variations of Peridots. Because it’s an AR game like Pokémon Go, you’ll be able to travel with your Dots, who will help you find items in the world or can be used for a photo-op at a local landmark. 

Lifting some features from the Tamogachi or Nintendogs crazes (or, you know, real pets), you’ll be spending time with your Dots by teaching them tricks, feeding them, and, yes, you can pet the Peridots. When breeding the Dots, you can mix and match them with your friends’ creatures with different characteristics to create entirely new creature archetypes and combinations to diversify the species further. 


Niantic is looking to soft-launch Peridot in select territories and countries soon, although no exact locations or release dates have been specified yet. You can pre-register for Peridot on the game’s website to get updates on when it’ll be available. Expect the game to launch on iOS and Android devices when it becomes available.

Are you excited for this breeding twist on the creature collection genre? Let us know if you’re going to be playing Peridot in the comments below!

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