Road 96, A Procedurally-Generated Road Trip, Cruises Onto PlayStation And Xbox Today Leave a comment

Road 96 touts a procedurally-generated narrative about several teens crossing the border of the nation of Petria. Of course, we’ve seen our fair share of procedurally-generated levels in roguelikes. Still, the promise of a shifting, randomized story made Road 96 an ambitious experiment to watch when it dropped for Switch last year. And even though it might feel as if Road 96 flew under the radar, it was listed as one of the Switch’s best-selling indies in 2021! Today, DigixArt’s third title cruises onto PlayStation and Xbox.

You can watch the Xbox launch trailer below:

The trailer showcases Road 96’s vibrant, cartoony aesthetic, but don’t mistake that for narrative lightheartedness. Political and personal tension lies at the heart of the adventure game’s dynamic storylines. While interacting with several NPCs (friendly or otherwise) and selecting choices that influence various outcomes, you’ll be exploring a wilderness hosting desert expanses, lush forests, and more. This all comes packaged in a 4K 60fps experience. As the trailer’s narrator states, “each decision could shape your destiny and Petria’s too. Time for you to hit the road.” 

Will you be checking out Road 96 on PlayStation and Xbox? Let us know what your levels of interest are in the comments below!

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