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Hello folks! We’re the team behind Liberated, we’re very excited to finally join the Xbox community, and we’d like to tell you about how we set out to revolutionize digital comics by making… a game.

Liberated is something a little bit different – it’s about one-half action-adventure game and one-half noir cyberpunk graphic novel.

comic book panels

It’s a comic book that you play like a game. Or a game that looks and feels like a comic. We’ve had that argument too many times. But we do agree on one thing:

Liberated is vision – a proposal for a future where comics become something more.


Our thinking went something like this:

That last comic book that you read on your phone or your tablet, what was that experience like? Was it a digital scan of the paperback original, contorting just to make itself readable? The words and art all present, but the experience somehow un-whole – missing the touch, the scent, and the shimmer. The convenience was great, but did it fully make up for what was lost in translation?


Can’t We Do More?

And so, we set out in search of answers, and as certified geeks we simply had to look to our consoles.

We began to create a true digital comic – one written and developed exclusively for screens and interactions: a sharp blend of video games and comics, a digital graphic novel so damn digital it couldn’t possibly work any other way.


A Playable Graphic Novel. Where the Beloved Form is…

  • First: meticulously rebuilt and simulated (and we’ve gone to great lengths here, down to the very movement of your eyes scanning each page, a very specific shine of paper, and that scratchy scratch it makes with each turn).
  • Second: enriched in every possible way, hand-drawn art brought to life with delicate animation; the mood and tone of each scene made real with elaborate soundscapes, and perhaps most importantly…
  • Third: shaped by you. It’s an action-adventure game after all! You’ll sprint across comic book panels, you’ll crack doors and break codes, you’ll fight for survival and glory, and there may even come a time to make a hard, lasting decision.

So yeah, we can’t recreate every physical minutia of paperback comics – but at this point maybe we can give you a whole lot more.

Liberated: Enhanced Edition is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S – featuring the acclaimed full game with enhancements in gameplay and content, full English voice-overs with immersive voice acting and two DLC epilogue chapters. Thanks to Smart Delivery, players on the Xbox Series X|S consoles can also expect additional enhancements, featuring resolution and performance boost (up to 1440p60 on Xbox Series S and 2160p60 on Xbox Series X) and faster loading times. Pick it up today!

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Liberated: Enhanced Edition

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Liberated is an action-adventure game that unfolds across the pages of a comic book. Seamlessly merging the art of hand-drawn graphic novels with interactivity and side-scrolling action, it’s a revolutionary combination of video games and comics.

In this near-future dystopia, the eerily familiar always-online society gives way to complete government control—all in the name of safety. But in the midst of it all, an insurgent group known as “Liberated” rises.

Liberated: Enhanced Edition includes:
– The acclaimed full game with enhancements in gameplay and content
– Full English voice-overs with immersive voice acting
– 2 epilogue chapters: “For the Homeland” & “Glory to the Heroes”

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