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  • Become a MotoGP rider and build your career starting from scratch and winning the title of the premiere class.
  • Live the thrill of Nine – Season 2009, the new game mode that brings you inside the story of the 2009 season through 39 different challenges and more than one hour of movies.
  • MotoGP22 is available today on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

MotoGP 22 is Milestone’s 10th game in a row dedicated to the most famous motorbikes championship in the world. Somebody could think after all these years it’s hard for me to come out with something new to put in the game… but the truth is MotoGP is a world full of stories to tell, some from the present, some from the past. And the main dish of MotoGP 22 is exactly one of these stories, thanks to the new game mode Nine – Season 2009.

MotoGP 22 Screenshot

Nine, as the name suggests, is a historical mode based on the 2009 MotoGP season. But Nine is also the apex of travel I began three years ago when I first start speaking of this game mode with Michele Caletti, my executive producer and one of the greatest MotoGP fans I know. It’s not the first time a game proposes a historical mode, but usually, all you’ve got it’s a selection of 10 famous riders of the past that race together without real meaning. With Nine we wanted to create something more complete, giving the players all the contents of that specific racing season… riders, bikes, circuits: everything is available as it was in 2009. And most of all, we wanted to tell a story. And that’s what Nine is about, telling a story, thanks to a lot of different challenges connected through almost one hour of different movies.

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So, why 2009? Because it’s the story of the ninth and last world title of Valentino Rossi in MotoGP, and after his retirement, we wanted to celebrate his career somehow. Second, because that year the grid was full of riders capable of bringing the competition to a level never seen before. Rossi, Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Stoner: all these riders were able to enter the circuit and become poetry in motion.

MotoGP 22 Screenshot

We had great protagonists, and we had a great story to tell, but at that point, we need someone capable to tell such an intense story… and that’s when we come out with the idea of contacting Mark Neale. Mr. Neale is a film director that in the past worked on severed acclaimed MotoGP documentaries such as “Faster,” “Fastest,” and “Hitting the Apex,” and it seemed to be just perfect for the job. I just hope people will enjoy playing Nine as we enjoyed creating it!

MotoGP 22 Screenshot

As I mentioned before, MotoGP 22 is not only about the past, but also about the present. The game offers all the official contents of the 2022 season, and it’s covered by that passion for details that have always distinguished Milestone people. So don’t be surprised to see the Ride Height Device installed on the MotoGP bikes (we worked a lot to make it fit the handling model!), new starting grid cut scenes, or new pits. Year after year, piece after piece, what we try to do is to create the more realistic MotoGP game ever.

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This year we didn’t forget about newcomers and those not so keen on hard simulation. MotoGP has many rules and sometimes can be difficult to understand, so we worked to create specific tutorials that explain these concepts through quick challenges. And once you have digested them and you feel ready for some adrenaline, you can try the new MotoGP Academy. All the tracks of the championship, split into sectors, analyzed and described by our racing specialist: you will find all the secrets you need to know to choose the perfect trajectory and lower your lap times. Don’t tell anybody, but I use it too.

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Finally, we didn’t forget to prepare something special also for those who like to share some fun on the sofa. This year MotoGP proposes a split-screen mode, perfect to challenge your friends on your favorite circuits. And if what you need is competition, there are also online modes waiting for you, not to mention the MotoGP eSport Champion, who this year returns with his sixth edition. Well, here the level of competition is a little too high for standard players, but hey, it’s always fun to watch a race between pro players on TV!

MotoGP 22 Screenshot

This is just a taste of what MotoGP 22 has to offer… with its managerial career mode, advanced graphic editors, and all the new features I mentioned before, I’m sure that everyone will find their way to enjoy the game. Well, I’m playing the game and I like it, I hope you are too! MotoGP 22 is available now on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. See you on the track… if you’re fast enough!

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Engines running: let’s get the most immersive and authentic MotoGP™ gaming experience ever started.

Explore all the contents of the 2022 season in the MotoGP™ classes and in all the other categories.
More than 120 riders, over 20 official circuits and all the excitement of the official championship are waiting for you.
And if you want to take a leap into the past, over 70 historic champions will let you relive the best of MotoGP™ history.

Relive one of the most exciting championships in MotoGP™ history!
17 Chapters, one for each Grand Prix of the 2009 season, lie ahead! Put yourself in the boots of legends such as Rossi, Lorenzo, Stoner and Pedrosa at the peak of their careers. In each episode you will face different challenges reliving firsthand the most iconic moments of the world championship.

All contents will be enhanced by more than 50 minutes of real footage at the beginning of each chapter, entirely narrated and directed by the extraordinary Mark Neale.

Enter the MotoGP™ ACADEMY to reveal the champion in you: through new game challenges you will learn all the tricks of the trade to be the fastest on every track.

Become the rider you’ve always wanted to be with new tutorials that will help you improve quickly through short gameplay sessions.

Dive into the most realistic and immersive MotoGP™ experience ever!
From the faces of your heroes to the restyling of the official pits, attention has been given to every detail like never before!
Create your world in the MotoGP™ videogame and ride with even more style. By using 5 graphic editors, you will be able to customise every look of the game, from the liveries to the riders’ suits.

Create your own team or join an official one. Choose your staff and develop your bike improving engine, frame, aerodynamics, and electronics: take full control of your gaming experience!

Create a junior team in Moto2™ and Moto3™: hire a team manager, technical director and a rider to achieve new goals.

For the first time in the franchise, you will be able to challenge your friends in split-screen mode. Don’t miss this chance!
And if that weren’t enough, have fun with the amazing challenges online that the cross-gen multiplayer* mode offers!

*Cross-gen multiplayer will be available on consoles of the same family.

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