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Croatian development studio Under the Stairs is developing a new roguelike under the Gearbox Publishing banner that casts the rogue-lite genre in a veil of darkness. Eyes in the Dark: The Curious Case of One Victoria Bloom is a black and white twin-stick platformer that debuted today at PAX East and aims to stun players with its striking visual contrast and delight with its illuminating rogue-lite gameplay.

The studio is cleverly calling Eyes in the Dark a “roguelight” where, as Victoria Bloom, you’ll explore the ever-changing and pitch-black Bloom Manor searching for her missing grandfather with just a flashlight and slingshot to start with on each run. The mansion has been overrun with darkness, making every step inside fraught with peril. With the paltry light source, Victoria will have to guide herself through the shadowy corridors of the manor, seeking batteries to keep her torch lit and face the threats that lie inside using twin-stick controls to fire her slingshot. Progressing through each area will provide players with options to increase Victoria’s power and the difficulty of the run while learning more about the Bloom family, shining a light on their history, and uncovering secrets that may help in the ever-changing journey through the manor.

Like any rogue-lite, there will be plenty of items to be found to amplify Victoria’s firepower or light up rooms in creative ways. These items include a Shotgun Bulb to cast a broader blanket of light on the situation and matches to set enemies ablaze. The darkness can cast a thick fog on the environment that needs to be cleared out by Victoria’s enlightening weapons while also contending the creatures that hide in the manor, like giant spiders and other creepy crawlers that go bump in the night. 


Under the Stairs has announced Eyes in the Dark: The Curious Case of One Victoria Bloom will release on Steam and the Epic Games Store on July 14 for $14.99. Those who pre-order the game will recieve the soundtrack for free, which will save fans $4.99 when purchasing ahead of release. 

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