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It is with the warmest of salutations and greatest urgency that I welcome you, weary traveller, to The Serpent Rogue. What awaits you in this desperate and failing land is an alchemy driven sandbox action adventure, with roguelike elements and a focus on crafting and exploration – and most importantly, animals to befriend — launching for Xbox Series X|S today!

Mount Morbus has been struck down by a terrible and all-consuming evil — the Serpent Rogue — and it is in your capable hands that I must leave the fate of this once vibrant and vivacious land.

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Your quest will not be an easy one, and it will require you to think on your feet, using every tool at your disposal to disperse the lurking darkness. Potions can be crafted from ingredients foraged from the blooming landscape, from fish bones to mandrakes. Everything you unearth on your travels can be researched and repurposed into potions with varying results — some will heal, some will harm, and some will even change the user’s appearance into something slightly more… furry.

Be wary though, while the land around Mount Morbus gives, it also takes away, and the landscape will shift and change as areas are ravaged by unforgiving storms. Items and enemies that once littered the landscape will be replaced time and time again, offering up new chances and opportunities to save the day through different means.

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The enemies you face in The Serpent Rogue may seem formidable, but you have an arsenal of weapons and skills up your billowing sleeves, more than enough to overcome the adversaries that stand in your way.

If you have a penchant for open combat, you can take enemies on head-to-head, putting yourself in the line of fire and risking life and limb to reign victorious.

If you would rather engage in more masterful combat, potions will prove themselves useful, turning enemies into small harmless animals, yourself into a formidable foe, or lulling enemies to sleep with a well-timed and well-placed concoction. 

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The beasts that prowl the sprawling lands of The Serpent Rogue are wild, but not so much that they cannot be lured to your side with their favorite snack. Tame the creatures you find on your travels and use them to your advantage in combat or to traverse the world before an incoming storm reshapes the very land itself.

I hope this advice helps you as you journey into The Serpent Rogue. There is so much to be found! Hidden locations and secret passageways tucked away in every forgotten corner of the expansive map.

I will leave you with this: Be sure to tread carefully as many of the actions you make in The Serpent Rogue have real-time consequences — leaving food lying around will call vermin to the area; and if bodies are left unburied, ghouls will appear lured by the unbearable scent, leaving death and destruction in their wake (neither of these options are favorable, in case you were unsure).

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It is time for me to depart but my leaving signals the beginning of your own adventure, so go forth and explore, The Serpent Rogue welcomes you into its snare! And remember, it is on your very shoulders that the fate of the land balances. 

Ukrainian developer Sengi Games, the team behind the enchanting The Serpent Rogue, are excited for you to explore the compelling and meticulously crafted world they have created. Against all odds, they wanted the game to release today, on its promised launch date and have worked tirelessly to make sure it happened, both for themselves, and for the incredible community who have shown so much love and support.  

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The Serpent Rogue is an action-adventure game built around exploring a medieval fantasy world, mastering the art of alchemy, and taming wild creatures.

Playing as a mysterious alchemist known only as The Warden, you will craft, brew, boil & concoct potions all in your stead to protect the realm from the dreadful Serpent Rogue!

The ominous Serpent Rogue has laid down roots on Mount Morbus. Its evil is spreading quickly, and it threatens to overwhelm the realm. It is your task as the Warden to confront the Serpent Rogue and bring peace and tranquillity to the land. Explore every inch of the map, unearth secret passages, and expand your knowledge to stand against the incoming disaster.

Using your alchemy skills, craft and experiment with different ingredients to create extraordinary potions each with its own unique effects. Take on quests from the inhabitants of the cursed land and earn resources to further your exploits.

Each action you take will create interesting sequences of cause and effect. Keep too many creatures in one place and this will attract blood-thirsty reapers. Forget to bury the perished ones and you’ll start to attract corpse-eating ghouls. Hoard too many items in one location and attract plague-spreading vermin.

Shapeshift into different creatures, brew potions that will alter your body, give you unique abilities and create the perfect balance between human and creature.

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