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Exbleative’s Exo One, which became popular for its sci-fi zen-like nature when it hit Xbox consoles and PC last year, is coming to PlayStation consoles this summer. 

Announced over on the PlayStation Blog, Exo One creator Jay Weston shared the news alongside a new trailer for the game and word that it will feature support for 120 FPS gameplay and DualSense haptics feedback. Exo One will hit both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 this summer, but an official release date has not yet been revealed. 

“Hi folks, I’m stoked to be able to tell you all that Exo One will be landing on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this summer,” Weston writes in the blog. “Exo One began five years ago with a relatively simple idea about using gravity as a movement mechanic, and gradually grew into something strange and special, inspired by my love for sci-fi cinema and games that moved me emotionally. I’m super excited to see it find a new audience and reach new technical heights with this PS5 port.

“In Exo One, you’ll embark on a journey beyond the solar system, discovering everything from terrestrial deserts to dreamy gas giants as the pilot of an alien probe. Glide and roll across the landscape, controlling gravity itself to reach colossal speeds and exhilarating heights. You’ll ride thermal updrafts into boiling cloud formations, careen down hillsides, and launch off mountain tops, all the time drifting toward the shining blue beam on the horizon.” 

Weston says they designed the game as a “meditative focus on travel,” and in playing it, that’s quite clear. The game does have some moments that could be described as stressful but at the heart of Exo One is a generally laid-back, zen-like traversal through beautiful sci-fi environments, with an extreme focus on simply moving forward, however you can. That’s why Weston designed the game with no timer measuring your progress, or monsters or enemies to fight, too. 


With Exo One coming to PS5, it brings 120 FPS gameplay to the experience, so long as you have a high refresh rate TV that can handle it. Additional features include haptics that reflect the terrain and weather of each planet on the PS5 DualSense controller. Weston says players will feel the wind resistance on the controller’s trigger while gliding through winds and updrafts. Plus, different terrains have different vibrations associated with them. One type of terrain might result in “steady pulsations” while another might give a “stronger, shakier vibration,” Weston writes in the blog post. The faster you go, the stronger the vibrations, too. 

Are you excited to play Exo One on PlayStation 5? Let us know in the comments below!

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