This War Of Mine: Final Cut Expands The Anti-War Title For Modern Consoles Next Month. Leave a comment

11 Bit Studios’ celebrated anti-war game, This War of Mine, is getting revamped and expanded for a re-release on modern consoles.

Dubbed the Final Cut, the game, in which players manage a party of civilians surviving in a war-torn city, is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S –including Xbox Game Pass – on May 10. It boasts a 4K resolution and a readjusted UI. Content-wise, it includes the locations from the base game and introduces a new character, quests, and events. 

Additionally, the three DLC narrative episodes, This War of Mine: Stories, will be available for purchase separately on PS5/XSX. This War of Mine: Complete Edition is a bundle containing Final Cut and Stories if you want everything.  

11 Bit Studios, based in Poland, states that the ongoing Ukraine/Russia conflict is the motivator to re-release This War of Mine and repromote its anti-war messaging to a new group of players. The studio recently raised nearly $700,000 for Ukrainian civilian aid by heavily discounting the previous versions of This War of Mine. 11 Bit CEO Przemek Marszal says in a press release: 

“The message and themes existing inside of This War of Mine have, unfortunately, become brutally vivid and relevant in recent months. We believe it’s especially important to educate people on the realities of war right now, while its horrifying reality has become a daily struggle for people that are close to us. We’re proud that recent This War of Mine fundraising helped us create a wave of spontaneous help for war victims in Ukraine, and we hope we can further spread our antiwar message with This War of Mine: Final Cut.”

For more on This War of Mine, check out our review of the original 2014 release here. You can also catch up on how the game industry has helped assist those affected by the war in Ukraine here

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