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Aloy is the star of Horizon Forbidden West – one of the best games of this year – and will soon shrink in size to forever be preserved as an adorable Nendoroid action figure. Slated to release this December, this figure comes with three face plates, allowing you to harness a little more realism, depending on what weapon or pose you put Aloy in. She stands at approximately 3.94 inches in height.

Along with the amazing game, Aloy has had a big year, making an appearance in Fortnite as a purchasable skin, and will likely be featured in the PlayStation VR2 game, Horizon: Call of the Mountain, which we hope hits in the months ahead.

If you are collector of game merchandise, Nendoroid has long been turning popular game leads into cute figures. Overwatch’s Junkrat and D.Va, Bayonetta, and Hades’ Zagreus are just a few of them that you can grab. You can find more about Aloy at Good Smiles’ official site. You can see several images of the figure below:

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