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I’ve been enjoying powdered snow in Minecraft ever since I discovered leather boots, but I think I’m going to enjoy it even more when I can don my Manny skin and stomp my way through a very different-looking Overworld. Cast your eyes towards a glittering horizon and you’ll see saber-tooth tigers prowling the glaciers, prehistoric pigs snuffling around the trees, vultures swooping through the skies and a dark shadow lurking beneath the ice-blue waters. 

As a big fan of the Ice Age movies, I don’t know what I’m more excited to explore: the skeleton bridge or the lava falls? The ice cavern or the mammoth tree? This expansive map rebuilds some of the most iconic locations from all the movies – including the new Adventures of Buck Wild – in brilliantly blocky ways. And you’ll want to investigate it all, because you’ve been given an important collecting mission. As an avid collector of axolotls, horses, cats, and llamas in my save files, I’m looking forward to channeling my prehistoric squirrel and scouring the Overworld for acorns, instead! And not just any acorns, either: these elusive nuts have a hidden secret, but you’ll have to collect them all to crack it!

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