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Chucklefish, the publisher behind Stardew Valley and other titles, revealed a game called Spellbound years ago and in 2018, the name was changed from that to Witchbrook. Then, Witchbrook kind of disappeared for two years before it resurfaced in 2020 with a brand new art style. And then it disappeared again, until today, when Chucklefish released five new images of the witchin’ RPG alongside a fancy new Steam page

“Welcome to Witchbrook,” a tweet reads. “Enjoy this magical sneak peek into the town of Mossport with these brand-new-fresh-out-of-the-oven screenshots. Wishlist now on Steam.” 


As for the Steam page, it describes Witchbrook like this: “Discover the magic around you in Witchbrook – a spellbinding social RPG! Spark life into a charming seaside town when you become Mossport’s newest resident witch. Make friends, master spells, and maybe even find love along the way…” 

Unfortunately, the Steam page doesn’t mention a release date or window so as for when we’ll be becoming the best witches in town, that remains unknown. However, there’s a lot to glean from the Steam page. Here are some highlights from it, straight from Chucklefish: 

  • Welcome to Witchbrook: Embark on a magical coming-of-age adventure when you enrol as a witch-in-training at Witchbook College. Journey from the familiar to the fantastical as you learn to harness the magic around you in this detailed life simulation and social RPG. Embrace your magical roots by stepping into your ancestor’s role of resident witch to the bustling seaside town of Mossport. Jump on your broom and immerse yourself in a world full of wonder and charm, discovering long lost secrets, spells and spirits! Make friends, find love, and help others to live their dreams as you travel together on the road to graduation and beyond. 
  • Graduate top of your class: Develop your magical abilities by attending classes, completing assignments, and earning badges at Witchbrook College. Practice your new skills by putting them to the test, using your magic all over the town. Master magical arts; brew potent potions, challenge fellow classmates to a broom race, forage for strange mushrooms, and harness your botany know-how to grow all sorts of fauna and flora!
  • Make friends and memories: Make friends and go on romantic dates with a colourful cast of characters. Unravel their unique stories, hopes and dreams as you spend more time with each of your fellow classmates. Shape their lives, work together, and find romance…
  • Forge your own identity: Express your unique aesthetic with customisable clothing, hair and accessories. Renovate your cosy woodland cottage how you see fit and transform the surrounding garden into a thriving habitat for plants and wildlife.
  • A living, magical world: Just like you, your fellow students, teachers and townsfolk have busy routines and social calendars. Immerse yourself in a vivid world, join in the festivities at seasonal events and take part in special activities.
  • Extra-curricular activities: There’s more to life than just your witch studies! Spend your free time doing activities such as photography and gardening, or shop ‘til you drop at Mossport’s many boutiques, cafes and seasonal markets. Change up your look, try one of Olive’s local delicacies, or adopt a houseplant at Wild Flower.
  • Post-graduate life: Continue your studies as a post-graduate to perfect your skills and become the best witch you can be! Take to the skies on your broom, and hand-deliver requested homemade goods to your neighbours. A graduate witch is always in high demand with the local townsfolk.

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