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Rust Console Edition is celebrating its first-year anniversary and we would like to invite everyone to celebrate this very special occasion with us! Here is a quick recap of how much our game has evolved during this first year of development.

Let me start by introducing you to our latest content update, Deadly Catch. This brand new update is set to release this week on Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X.


The Deadly Catch update will bring new features like fishing, a new type of aquatic vehicle and brand new monuments called the Fishing Villages.

Once this update is live, you will be able to explore both Fishing Villages (large and small) scattered around the map, and in them you will be able to find special vending machines that allow you to trade all the fish you catch for some scrap. You can then use the scrap to buy blueprints for our new aquatic vehicle the Kayak, or visit the docks to trade it for a shiny new boat. This update also introduces a brand new fishing mini-game!


Offshore Blowout is the content update that brought the most requested monument to the game, the Oil Rigs. Alongside the Oil Rigs, it also brought the Heavy Scientists and the Multiple Grenade Launcher to the game.

With it also came a new challenging activity, suitable for all Rust players. It’s advised that you take some teammates to tackle this one, because the Oil Rig event is no walk in the park… Get to the top of any of the Oil Rigs and hack the code-locked crate inside the room. It will take 15 minutes for you to get your hands on the loot and during that time period you will have to defend yourself against the heavily armed Scientist. It’s no easy task, but if you complete it, the rewards will be amazing.

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