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Deep Silver Volition has revealed the Saints Row Boss Factory character creator and it’s now live on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and PC. 

As the name implies, the Boss Factory is a character creator separate to download from the upcoming Saints Row reboot. However, it will attach to Saints Row because the character you create now can be used as your own in Saints Row when it launches August 23. In it, you can do quite a lot too. You can adjust your body type and size, add tattoos and other cosmetics, and so much more. It even appears you can play as your boss nude, or at least close to it. 

Check out the trailer for yourself below: 

Here’s what Deep Silver Volition has to say about the experience: 

“Boss Factory is the name, makin’ Saints is the game. Create the best Boss in history – your Boss, with our (not blowing our own trumpet here but…) pretty damn impressive character customization. Get your Boss Santo Ileso ready by making them ahead of time so you can get on with more important things on August 23, like taking over the city, stealing cars, and causing general mayhem. We know your time is precious, so we will take these wondrous hours of tweaking chins, eyes, outfit, and hair right now so you can get down to business when you get your hands on Saints Row.” 

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