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Netflix’s Castlevania series concluded after four successful seasons, but it isn’t the last we’ll see of Dracula. Today, during the Netflix Geeked livestream, we got our first look at a successor series called Castlevania: Nocturne. Set hundreds of years after the original series, Richter Belmont takes up the whip and will continue the fight of his ancestors. Richter is the protagonist of the 1993 video game, Castlevania Rondo of Blood (also known as Dracula X). He is also of the same bloodline as the Sypha and Trevor from Netflix’s first series.

Nocturne is executive produced by Kevin Kolde, with Sam Deats in the director’s chair with assistant director Adam Deats. In the show, Richter will be searching for vampires in 1792 in the midst of the French Revolution. He won’t be alone in his journey: Maria Renard is also along for this dark ride.

Are you a fan of Netflix’s Castlevania work? If so, what do you hope to see from this sequel series and a Belmont rising?

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