Take A Look At A New World In Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Leave a comment

Cuphead and Mugman will soon receive much-needed help battling the forces of evil when The Delicious Last Course DLC releases on June 30. This sizable expansion introduces a new character named Ms. Chalice and the never-before-seen Inkwell Island to explore. You are tasked to help Chef Saltbaker locate the Legendary Chalice. Standing in your way are a slew of near-impossible bosses to take down.

At today’s Summer Game Fest, Studio MDHR debuted new footage from The Delicious Last Course that shows an ice world and the challenges it delivers. You’ll also see how Ms. Chalice handles a pesky boss. The visuals are as beautiful and retro as you would expect, delivering the feeling that you are playing an old cartoon.

You can see some of the new footage in an official tweet from Studio MDHR:

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