Horror Game Luto May Have The Best Cloth Physics In The Business Leave a comment

Announced last year with a short trailer, Luto made an appearance as part of the Future Games Show presentation. This first-person horror experience is bound to scare the pants off of somebody, especially with its impressive cloth rendering, making a particular terror in the new footage a sight to behold.

Developer Broken Bird Games is looking to create an immersive and emotional experience with Luto. Players take control of a character attempting to escape from their house, but trying to do just that will take you to some wild and spooky places. The new footage is full of atmospheric locales, such as dilapidated rooms filled with mysterious chains, dark hallways populated by sheet-covered individuals, and a hollowed-out cave system. Much of the lighting and materials presented in the footage look great, especially the sheet physics and rendering of an entity that breaks into a hallway and rises to its feet in an unsettling way.

Luto is set to launch on PlayStation and PC in 2022.

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