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An unexpected and fun surprise from the PC Gaming Show was the reveal of Klei Entertainment’s newest game. Rotwood is a multiplayer action game, and it’s expected to enter early access at some point, but that date is up in the air for now.

Thanks to the Steam description, we know a little more about Rotwood than what was revealed in the trailer. It’s a roguelike dungeon crawler designed to be played with up to four people. Each run will bring your cute animal avatars through a dangerous forest where the challenge amplifies the deeper you go in. New armor and weapons can be crafted from items scavenged, and a safe haven can be built up and fortified as well.

In typical Klei style, the hand-drawn look of the characters and enemies is unreal. Once again, the studio is pushing the boundaries of making it look like you’re controlling a cartoon character; Rotwood’s models are expressive, fluid, and bursting with personality. I can’t wait to see what Rotwood looks and plays like in action when I can eventually get my hands on it.

The trailer gave an early access date of 202? which could be anytime in the next decade, though I’d expect us to play it well before 2030. Rotwood can be wishlisted on Steam, and it’s unknown whether Klei is planning for release on any additional platforms at this time.

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