Naraka: Bladepoint Will Be Unleashed on June 23 with Xbox Game Pass Leave a comment

Having carved out a name for itself on PC in 2021 and recently reached a 10 million player milestone, the extremely popular action battle royale Naraka: Bladepoint is finally making its way to Xbox Series X|S and will be unleashed with Xbox Game Pass on June 23.

In Naraka: Bladepoint, players are thrust into high-octane action in this unique 60-player battle royale with “Unchained Multiplayer Combat,” an exhilarating combination of melee action and unparalleled parkour movement. Grapple and scale your way through the map, carefully taking out your opponents and emerging victorious.

Bringing a mixture of thrilling melee combat and tactical ranged attacks, players have a variety of ways to tackle situations. With the ability to play solo or with two friends in trios as an array of unique heroes — each with their own special skill set – Naraka: Bladepoint offers a wide range of flexibility for the uninitiated and veterans of the battle royale genre.

To coincide with the launch of Naraka: Bladepoint on Xbox Series X|S, players will also get to experience a new weapon: The Dual Blades. These devastating weapons can deliver striking blows to opponents, whilst also offering the ability to charge your attacks for maximum effect.

If that wasn’t enough, a campaign mode is also arriving in Naraka: Bladepoint very soon and will see teams of three taking on new enemies and bosses in exhilarating scenarios. This is just the beginning of a new chapter for Naraka: Bladepoint, with new and exciting campaign chapters arriving in the future.

Naraka: Bladepoint offers an exciting new experience for Xbox Series X|S owners, and with its arrival with Xbox Game Pass on June 23, there’s never been a better time to battle it out with players across the world on other platforms. Additionally, Xbox One players can also look forward to Naraka: Bladepoint coming later this year.

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