Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition Brings New Story Content And Third-Person Mode Leave a comment

Resident Evil Village made a surprise return during today’s Capcom Showcase. After revealing the game has sold over six million copies worldwide, Capcom revealed a Gold Edition is on the way, boasting a number of notable additions. First up is a new story expansion called Shadows of Rose, which puts Rose in the lead for a mind-bending journey of discovery.

In this story, Rose, who is the daughter of Ethan, is in her teens or twenties. From the outset of play, you learn she’s struggling with her powers. To try and control them, she enters the consciousness of the Megamycete and that’s where the madness begins. Time and space are warped and she sees someone that looks just like her. The entire game is set from the third-person perspective.

Capcom is adding that new viewpoint to the core game, allowing players to see Ethan and experience the game much like Resident Evil 4 with over-the-shoulder aiming.

Lastly, Mercenaries mode is getting fleshed out with new missions and playable characters like Chris Redfield, Alcina Dimitrescu, and Karl Heisenberg. Lady Dimitrescu stands in at over nine feet in height.

If you already played through Resident Evil Village, you won’t have to buy this Gold Edition and will just need to get the new Winter’s Expansion, which contains all three additions. Capcom is planning to release this content on October 28.

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