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Early in today’s Xbox Game Showcase, Riot Games’ president, Marc Merrill, took a few minutes to announce a big new partnership with Xbox and its Game Pass program. A number of Riot’s biggest experiences are coming to Xbox Game Pass on mobile and PC, with relatively robust options unlocked for players to enjoy.

First, Riot’s flagship property, League of Legends, will see all champions unlocked on PC.

In League of Legends: Wild Rift, it’s a similar picture, with all champions unlocked on mobile gaming platforms.

In Legends of Runeterra, Game Pass players can expect to have the full Foundations set of cards unlocked. For those not in the know, as the name implies, that’s the foundational cards for the game, establishing the base mechanics. The card set will be available on both PC and mobile.

In Teamfight Tactics, players can expect select Little Legends to be unlocked, whether you play on PC or mobile.

And in Valorant, all agents will be unlocked on PC.

It’s a notable team-up that should give a boost to both Xbox and Riot. On the Riot side, the availability of so many characters and sets across the spectrum of their games means that a potentially huge audience of Xbox players could have a chance to experience a broad spectrum of what each of those games have to offer. To Xbox’s benefit, it offers a meaningful boost to the already potent draw of Xbox Games Pass as a service and experience, since players can gain access to a number of aspects of each of those Riot games without needing to pay additional costs.

While Riot’s expansion into Game Pass is big news, it’s worth noting that it won’t have much effect for players on Xbox consoles, as all the available options are coming to specific combinations of PC and mobile, depending on titles.

The availability of all of these options is said to be coming this winter for Game Pass subscribers.

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