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I have the entirety of the Kvaris region at my fingertips, and yet I’m still in the Salon trying to decide on the appropriate outfit. Some fur is a must, as the region is chilly, but I don’t want to be bundled up and awkward while trying to use the Floating Board (oh by the way, there’s snowboarding.) I finally settle for an older set of layering wear, Natalis Rochka, and head for the hills. I chose the white variation so that I can close in on enemies without being spotted in order to throw one of the new items that can be found in the environment. Throwing is a new action, introduced with the release of Kvaris, and I’m more than happy to perfect the art of tossing haphazard destruction.

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Snowboarding adds a sense of exhilaration to NGS, one I didn’t know was missing until I surfed down my first mountain, taking out enemies as I sliced through fresh powder (I’m not sure how to do snowboarding lingo justice, so we’re going with that.) Between aiming for enemies and minerals, trying to pick up gathering materials, and hitting Dash Rings and Jump Panels, snowboarding is action-packed. Off the Floating Board, keep an eye out for Glowing Yellow Crystals, which you can destroy to get Crystalline Ice Shards and use them to throw at enemies or Cold Photons. Throwing the shards at clusters of enemies causes them to explode on impact, which provides some nice area-of-effect (AOE) damage. Throwing shards at Cold Photons causes a massive explosion to enemies in the vicinity. Either way, you’re in for a blast.

The enemies of Kvaris also make a big impact. One of my favorites is the Pangolan, and while the actual animal is cute and relatively harmless, the NGS version is crafty and agile. Then, there’s the Crocodylis Vera, which charges, dazes, beams, and bombs its attackers. I had the misfortune to fight one on a steep slope, and the environmental challenge added to the Crocodylis’ attacks had me fully engaged.

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There’s also a whole new installment of the story, replete with side tasks. Once you’re tough enough you can explore Rayjord Gorge, which is a max level Exploration Sector that requires Low Temperature Damage Resistance gear and buffs just to survive its harsh weather. A new type of formidable enemy, Ancient Enemies, will be added to this area as of June 15 and you’ll need help from other Arks in order to take them down.

Of course, you’ll need to be more powerful to explore Kvaris, so the level cap has been raised to 60, there are new skills for all classes, and you can now find 6-star Rarity weapons. Your experience in Kvaris will also be supported by several campaigns, including a Log-in bonus, Pre-announced Urgent Quests, and Limited-time Tasks. Quality of life features have also been added, such as a Quest Counter, an SG and Meseta Treasure Shop, the ability to preview Voice Tickets, an Auto Sell feature, and more.

If you haven’t played NGS recently or at all, now is a good time to dive in. Visit the Xbox Store and download the game (for free) for PC or Xbox and start your career as an ARKS Defender today!

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, the latest chapter in the Phantasy Star Online 2 series, is here at last!
It’s time to jump into adventures beyond imagination!

This new adventure takes place on a vast open field! Up to 32 people can enjoy the adventure in a new world with beautifully-evolved graphics!

The simple and intuitive controls developed in the series up to now have also evolved! A new dimension of battle with a variety of powerful enemies awaits! The new actions Photon Dash and Photon Glide allow you to traverse across the vast open field with ease!

Of course, the ultimate in character creation has also evolved. Create your own main character that will be unique throughout the world, and head out to a new adventure!

・The core game is Free-to-Play, but there is certain paid content that can be purchased.

・The Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis game that can be downloaded with this content is the same as that included in other editions. You do not have to download this if it is already installed.

・Proceeding with play in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis will allow you to play Phantasy Star Online 2.

・Please log in with an administrator account to play this game.

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