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Nerf, the leading foam dart and water weapon manufacturer, has unveiled its first-ever mascot, which fittingly goes by the name Murph. Murph Nerfington (I gave them the last name) will represent the company as part of a multi-year marketing push in social media, public events, and more.

Murph looks like a Koosh mascot more than a Nerf representative, although that would still be under the Hasbro umbrella. However, if you look closely, you can see Murph is made entirely out of foam Nerf darts. The new character was created in association with a new summer initiative for the company to invite families to get out and play. Also, given the language of they/them pronouns in the mascot’s announcement, Murph doesn’t have a set gender. So happy Pride month, Murph! The company even has a new mnemonic that Murph embodies, “Unleash the play in you.” I’m not sure what hard-to-remember topic this mnemonic is supposed to remind us of, but it’s a cute enough slogan nonetheless.

Below are a handful of promotional images of Murph handing some new Nerf weapons and looking like a late 2000s physics tech demo. 


In a press release shared with Game Informer, here’s what Adam Kleinman, senior vice president and general manager of Nerf, has to say to welcome Murph into existence: 

“The launch of Murph is a testament to the success of Hasbro’s Brand Blueprint strategy and turning Nerf into the social, active play brand it is seen as today. We are thrilled to introduce Murph to fans, a mascot that represents the playful spirit that lives inside us all and is unleashed through Nerf.”

If you see Murph around this summer, make sure to give them a nice cold spray from your Nerf Super Soaker. You’d be doing them a favor; it has to be hotter than hell in that suit.

Where on the mascot family tree do you think Murph belongs? Is it on the branch with Gritty, or maybe with AM/PM’s Toomgis? How about with the McDonald’s Fry Kids? Let us know in the comments!

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