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Are you ready for an entire season’s worth of Fall Guys good news in one post? You better strap in…

We have new Rounds, Costumes, Season Pass goods and MORE—all coming to Xbox in our Free for All season update on June 21st.

Fall Together Now!

Free for All on Xbox is designed to be played together. So whether you own an Xbox One, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console, Fall Guys is going to be playable with crossplay and cross-progression from June 21st.

TL;DR Xbox owners can now play wherever they want, and with whomever they want.

As long as you and your friends have already linked your Epic Accounts to Fall Guys, you’ll be able to play together by using the “Invite Players” functionality. Don’t worry if you, or others, haven’t linked accounts yet; there’ll be a prompt to do so upon launching the game.

New Rounds? Don’t Mind if I Do

We love new Rounds. You love new Rounds. It’s a match made in Round heaven. And this motley crue of new Rounds packs more obstacles and hurdles than any of our updates yet.

Take a look:

Hex-A-Ring: Forget Hex-A-Gone, this is Hex-A-Ring. With full floor rotation, all while you try to keep your balance jumping from tile to tile. Definitely possible… definitely.

Volleyfall:  Volleyball imagines that the floor is lava. If the ball touches the ground in your court, the other team. So DON’T let that happen. Instead, get the ball to hit the ground on their side of the court!

Speed Circuit: We feel the need. The need for speed. Just don’t get hurtled into the slime.

Defy All… Obstacles?

Rounds are nothing without some spicy obstacles to test even the bravest of Beans. Here are some of the new ones arriving in Free for All.

Blast Ball: The clock is ticking—Blast Balls are like grenades that activate when you pick them up. So “delegate” quickly, before you get blasted!

Jump Rope: The Jump Rope is one of the funnest obstacles we’ve ever had in the Blunderdome. You can now jump, hop, and fly around the arena!

Bouncy Floors: The floor… but make it bouncy. Can be fun. Can be tricky beyond belief.

Our All-new Season Pass!

The Blunderdome is nothing without Costumes, Emotes, Celebrations and more. And the Free for All Season Pass on Xbox is chock-full of all of them. There’s 100 levels of progression to work through, and your hard work will be rewarded by the Fall Guys goodies gods.

Pro tip: if you max out the Season Pass for Free for All, you’ll even unlock next season’s Season Pass early… Or so we heard.

And for those of you who don’t grab the Season Pass on Xbox—there’s still going to be a free progression path for you, and a load of fun unlocks, too. We never leave a Bean behind!

We are absolutely STOKED to welcome so many new Xbox players to Fall Guys! Don’t forget, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, this month you’ll get the adorable Robo Rabbit costume, plus another free costume in July AND August through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks programme!

For all the latest news, including drop dates for Limited Time Events and Costumes can be grabbed from our official Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Never stumble alone and join the shenanigans on the official Fall Guys Discord.

See you in the arena, Xbox Beans.

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