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  • Get into the incredible world of Lunaria and discover its horizons
  • You don’t need anything more than the powerful fists of Strong Moon to overcome this odyssey
  • Find out what we’ve prepared for you

Strong Moon is available today to start playing and to celebrate we wanted to tell you a little about its story.

Strong Moon is an action and adventure video game in which you’ll accompany our mighty, incredible and bald protagonist on his intrepid journey to rescue his brother, an offbeat young man, who was kidnapped by a deranged magician who feels like a god and wants at all costs the power of Strong Moon’s brother to be the only lord and the one who rules everything… a very cartoonish plot, don’t you think so?

You will face various obstacles and enemies, from which you can get Moon Shards to level up and increase your strength with the help of Mr. Lolo, an NPC. Also, you will get new skills by overcoming the different areas you will find; like the forest, volcano, glaciers, desert, caves and, of course, a castle worthy of our main villain. So don’t worry about your starting strength, just stay alive until you improve by kicking some Batpiggies.


Along the journey you will find diaries with which you will delve even further into the history of the world of Lunaria; you will discover some of the deepest mysteries of this kingdom and not only the past of the royal family, but also of brave warriors who perished in battle. Stay alert, find each of the diaries and find out what Strong Moon thinks about it. Don’t forget to go check it.

Keep track of the specimens found along the journey in your Bestiary, learn about their weaknesses and stay healthy with the help of the allies you meet along the way, because remember, there will always be someone willing to help you, so if you have problems with the game and you can’t advance do not hesitate to ask a friend for help, both of you will have a good time and sure gonna love it. True friendship.


Strong Moon is inspired by 90’s cartoons, so it has traditional animation and design to transport you to those moments when you watched your favorite cartoons on television after a long day, having fun with its particular humor that we hope you like.

We are so excited because it’s our very first official game and can’t wait for you to finally see it! Strong Moon was developed with a lot of enthusiasm and a desire to bring you back a bit of the essence of the past and some comedy.

During the development there were many obstacles along the way, but we managed to overcome them in order to reach this day and share this game with you. So, never give up, be persistent! No matter how long it takes. Enjoy your adventure as much as we do with ours.

We hope you will be part of this crew, we will be waiting for you to overcome every trial and challenge you encounter along the way whenever you want to do it. Have fun and see you soon, young adventurer.

Xbox Live

Strong Moon

Chihuas Games


Strong Moon is an action and adventure videogame inspired in the 90’s cartoons. Join our protagonist Strong Moon’s quest to find his weird brother, who was kidnapped by a deranged magician. Explore Lunaria’s planet and become stronger with new allies help, Moon Essence and our star’s mighty muscles… or rather, moon?

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