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Bleed to Lead!

Stream, watch, and earn swag!

Starting today and for the next two weeks, play games and earn swag in support of the American Red Cross! Join State of Decay 2’s fundraising team, “Bleed to Lead,” a campaign dedicated to fighting zombies and funding blood drives. If you sign up for a fundraising stream, the State of Decay 2 team will send you an exclusive Bloodmobile T-shirt as a thank you! (We’re partial to a certain zombie survival game, but you can stream any game you choose when you’re fundraising!)



When you donate to a participating fundraiser on our campaign, you can win great rewards! 

The rewards altogether include Xbox Play Anywhere keys for State of Decay 2, our official Bloodmobile T-shirt, a 3-month subscription to Game Pass, and two grand prize packages of customized hardware designed by Undead Labs. Let’s break down how this works.

  • Donations of $15 or more will automatically receive an Xbox code for State of Decay 2.
  • Donations of $45 or more will automatically receive our Bloodmobile T-shirts!
    • One note on this, we will gather information at the end of the campaign in order to fulfill your T-shirt reward, and T-shirts will ship after the campaign has ended (11:59pm PT on July 24)


The minimum donation to be entered into the giveaways is $10. Any donation of $10 or more will also be entered to win Game Pass 3-month subscriptions and two extra special State of Decay 2 prize packages (and donating at higher levels gets you more chances to win — more information below!)

Each entry will be counted and winners randomly selected to receive a 3-month Game Pass subscription at our milestones (watch our campaign for details!)

At the end of the campaign (11:59pm PT on Sunday, July 24), all entries received will be accounted for and two winners randomly selected to win our two special State of Decay 2 prize packages:

  • Prize Package A: Custom Logitech gaming mouse, designed by Undead Labs, and custom Airpods Pro
  • Prize Package B: Custom Xbox controller, designed by Undead Labs, and custom Airpods Max


Higher donation levels earn you more chances to win these prizes! Here’s exactly how it works.

Anyone who donates at least $10.00 to the Bleed to Lead fundraising campaign will be entered for a chance to win. To determine the number of entries, each donation is broken down into $10 increments, with each $10 constituting one entry. Donations do not need to be exact or multiples of the increments listed above. In other words, $10 and $11 donations get one entry; $60 and $61 get six entries, and so on.

Each donation made separately through one of the channels above is separate for purposes of counting entries. In other words, two separate donations of $15 each grant you 2 entries (not 3 entries, which would be the case if one donation of $30 had been made). Donations must be made through an individual or team fundraiser or on the Tiltify site using a credit card and successfully processed to completion (and not subject to any chargebacks or disputes) during the giveaway period to count.

See all the official rules here.

Getting started

Here’s how to get started fundraising!

  1. Go to, or directly to our campaign and join us there
  2. Select  “Start fundraising”
  3. Select a region to support or hit “Skip” (we are fundraising in the U.S. only for legal reasons)
  4. Add your address & t-shirt size
  5. Select “Individual” campaign to fundraise on your own, “Support” if you’d like to join our team, or “Team” if you are fundraising with friends. Whatever you choose, you’ll be part of the Bleed to Lead campaign, and funds will go to the same pool!
  6. In the step before you publish, scroll down to the section that says “supportable” and select “anyone”
  7. Hit “Publish” your campaign
  8. Go to the “overview” tab and scroll to the right to the “Share Panel” where you will see “share your campaign”. Click “copy share URL”
  9. If you selected “Team,” you can share this URL with your teammates that you want to fundraise with.  From here, folks can sign up to fundraise under your team campaign by clicking the “Support Campaign” button and setting up their own fundraiser


The Bloodmobile is back for a limited time!

Roaring back into State of Decay 2 and for a limited time only, drive the Bloodmobile! Simply log in between now and July 24 and use your radio to call in the badass van with a plan.

Watch our three Undead Labs charity streams

  • Undead Labs kicks off our first charity stream today, Monday July 11, 3 – 4pm PT. Tune in to see the Bloodmobile in action!
  • Our next charity stream is next Monday July 18, 3 – 4pm PT with special guests Dan Mod, creator of the Bloodmobile, and Jenn Panattoni of Xbox Social Impact.
  • On our final day, Sunday July 24 7 – 9pm PT, don’t miss a special Dungeons & Dragons inspired stream set in the State of Decay universe. Watch four special guests role play their way through a creepy, zombiefied map in order to find vital supplies!


Remind yourself by following us on Twitch and YouTube so you’ll get notified when we go live. Don’t forget to check our Twitter feed for schedule updates.

Help us raise 12k in two weeks

State of Decay 2 is a game about surviving, together. Join #MissionUndead today in the fight to save lives, and follow us on Twitter to see the schedule for the latest participating streams. No needles required! 

Watch. Donate. Win. Get all the details, here:



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