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Go Ghost with Danny Phantom… in Smite? Danny Phantom, Invader Zim, and other iconic Nickelodeon characters battle gods in the all-new Nickelodeon x Smite Crossover Event featuring characters from “Invader Zim”, “Rocko’s Modern Life”, “My Life As A Teenage Robot”, “Danny Phantom”, and “Ren and Stimpy”! After the success of Smite’s previous Nickelodeon crossovers, “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, we’re going all out this time to bring your favorite characters from across Nickelodeon’s roster. So come along and claim clean, lemony fresh victory in this crossover event.

Over the course of the event, we’ll be adding some fantastic skins from some of your favorite Nickelodeon shows including: Invader Zim Cupid, Rocko Danzaburou, XJ9 Freya, and Powdered Toastman Gilgamesh. Purchase all these skins and unlock the final skin, Danny Phantom Janus, for free! Complete Nickelodeon event quests to earn free Nickelodeon cosmetics, such as character announcer packs, loading screens, and avatars. Whether you’re a new player or a returning Smite veteran, it’s a fantastic time to get some of that nostalgia kicking for your favorite childhood characters.

Don’t hop off this wild ride yet, though. We are super excited to be introducing a brand-new item tree for the first time since 2019! This new “Earring” tree is meant to give you a fundamentally different experience in Smite. We’re breaking some long-established game rules, like with Griffonwing Earrings, which increases the projectile speed of your basic attacks. With Sphinx’s Bauble, you can even go above the Cooldown Reduction cap.

That’s not all we’ve got for you. We’re also going to be introducing brand new Glyphs, and I’ll let one of the designers, Ryan Bailey, talk us through them.

“With our first round of Glyphs, some god archetypes lacked a synergistic option or they had a Glyph passive they wanted but weren’t as interested in the base item,” Bailey said. “For example, Bancroft’s Talon will be receiving a brand-new Glyph – Bancroft’s Claw, which is aimed at battle mages that love to be in the middle of the fight, like Zhong Kui or Hades. Be on the lookout for the 6 brand new Glyphs to the game, as well as the relocation of 2 existing Glyph passives onto different Tier 3 items.”

Nickelodeon x Smite Crossover Event

On top of the brand-new Glyph changes, we’re also shifting Mask items to become Starter Items. Ryan Bailey explains these changes:

“The way that Masks felt before caused too sharp of a change in moment-to-moment gameplay,” Bailey said. “You could completely shift how tanky or damaging you felt with one purchase. We wanted to smooth out that curve, and we think the players that want these effects want their game to feel different from the outset. They’ll still be class locked in the same way, but they will make your god scale as if they were the typical damage or tank class.”

In addition to all of these updates, we’re also unveiling a new system that allows us to balance Non-Conquest game modes separately from Conquest.

This Smite update is brimming with brand new content, including Smite’s newest battle pass: the Zodiac Council Battle Pass. The best part of this battle pass is levels can be purchased for FREE with earnable in-game currency. Inspired by the very stars above, the Zodiac Council Battle Pass features dazzling skins for Nemesis, Heimdallr, Eset, and Charybdis. Find your enemies unworthy as The Scales Nemesis and unleash the pride of the Heavens as The Lion Heimdallr, or harness the fury of a thousand suns as The Maiden Eset. Progressing through the entire Battle Pass will reward you with the incredible Tier 4 Skin – The Crab Charybdis, perfect for the Zodiac Element of Water.

We’ll also be continuing Smite Night with Jade Corruption Joust!

For more details about the all-new Nickelodeon x Smite Crossover Event and the latest Smite update, check out the official Smite website and follow us on Twitter @SMITEGame.

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