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Trove is celebrating its initial release on PC 7 years ago and wants to celebrate with you. Chuck Pinzo, a newcomer to Trove, thinks now is the time to run his very own scam on the great Houses of Trove, tangling you up in his schemes along the way. Players who invest with Chuck Pinzo can grind out exciting rewards, earning Pinzoins to print Trovian Finite Notes (TFN). Complete his 12-step quest to obtain four new mounts, two new allies, and Premium Reward Crates. Are you ready for Sunfest, one of Trove’s biggest events of the year?

Trove Sunfest Update Screenshot

The Sunrise will await you soon in Trove!

We are very excited to share that Trove is getting awesome new content, including the Solarion class and the Sundered Uplands biome. The Bomber Royale Season 3 update is coming to bring you some explosive fun this summer along with the longed-for Shadow Hunter Revamp. Check below for more details!

Trove Sunfest Update Screenshot

New Biome: Sundered Uplands

The sun is shining on Trove, but there are dark shadows where the sun cannot reach. The Giants have lifted the lands in the Sundered Uplands, keeping the bright sunshine all to themselves and leaving the lower levels a bug infested wasteland. Conquer both sides of the Sundered Uplands to receive rich rewards!

Trove Sunfest Update Screenshot

New Class: Solarion

The Solarion has arrived, a new hero with the Sun Goddess on their side. Fighting with the fire of the Sun and supported by a friendly Phoenix, the Solarion burns enemies with fiery arrows and fights for a fairer world. Burn away the shadows with the Solarion!

Trove Sunfest Update Screenshot

New Dungeons, Crystal Gems and much more

What would be a new biome without new dungeons, especially new 5-Star dungeons? Yes, 5-Star dungeons have escaped Geode Topside and can now be found in Sundered Uplands with new mechanics. Expand your power by obtaining new Crystal Gems, found in Uber-11 Worlds, or upgrading your existing Stellar Gems into Crystal Gems. Gather your friends and conquer these new challenges!

Trove Sunfest Update Screenshot

Bomber Royal Season 3

Bomber Royale has been refreshed with new maps, new bombs, new rewards, a new queue system, and new options to have private matches.

Four new maps have been added which encourage faster and more engaging matches with their smaller size. You can now run dungeons, hang out in your club, or do whatever your heart desires while queuing for a match.  Or, if you want a bombastic brawl with just your buddies, grab a matchmaker for a private match. Jump now into action and discover all the new Bomber Royal changes!

Trove Sunfest Update Screenshot

Class Rework – Shadow Hunter

The Shadow Hunter is waiting for you to test out the revised playstyle!  Try out the bombastic single target attacks and all the new tools!

Additionally, some balance changes were made to classes overall to shake up the meta. Some classes were brought down a little bit to bring them more in-line with others, while most classes received a buff. Go and check them all out!

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