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Let me ask you something. How much do you know of the Persian myths?

I’m here to take your hands to bring you to the realm of the gods. Are you ready for July 13th? We will release The Tale of Bistun on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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First things first! The Tale of Bistun is a story-rich action-adventure game inspired

by and adapted from the 12th-century tragic romance poem Khosrow and Shirin. A stone carver with no memory of who he is must traverse blighted lands and a mysterious realm to discover his identity while a strangely familiar whisper pleads to him to be rescued.


What’s the gameplay, then? Fighting with ancient monsters, hammering a titan-sized god, releasing nature from sickness, listening to the stories of a talking tree while eating Pomegranate, and excavating memory stones from the heart of mount Bistun are just a taste of what you can do in The Tale of Bistun.


And while you’re sinking into the tale of Persian gods, you can lend your ears to the beautiful voices of our narrators. I’m sure you’re familiar with the great works of Shohreh Aghdashloo and Marc Thompson in lovely video games, movies, and TV shows such as The Expanse, and Star Wars. They have done their best to tell this ancient tale, as well.

Sir Isaac Newton once said, If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” But if you want to climb a giant first, you need a fantastic team, and on behalf of Black Cube Games and IMGN.PRO, I invite you all to play and enjoy The Tale of Bistun today on Xbox.

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The Tale of Bistun

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The Tale of Bistun is a story-driven action-adventure game inspired by the famous Persian tragic romance “Khosrow and Shirin”. A stone carver with no memory of who he must traverse blighted lands to discover his identity and the source of a pleading, strangely familiar whisper.

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