Sony Unveils PlayStation Stars, A New Loyalty Program Aimed At Players Leave a comment

Sony is rolling out its first-ever PlayStation-focused loyalty program called PlayStation Stars. In a blog post by Grace Chen, vice president of network advertising, loyalty & licensed merchandise, she explains that PlayStation Stars is a free program that rewards points by completing “campaigns” and challenges while playing games. 

According to Chen, earning points may require you to “win tournaments, earn specific trophies, or even be the first player to platinum a blockbuster title in your local time zone.” PlayStation Stars will also have a “monthly check-in” campaign that players fulfill simply by playing a game. 

You can redeem points on rewards that may include PSN wallet funds or select PS Store products. Users also subscribed to PlayStation Plus gain the added benefit of automatically earning loyalty points for making purchases.

Loyalty points can also be spent on “digital collectibles.” Examples described in the post are digital figurines of game characters or old PlayStation devices. These collectibles will evidently come in various rarities, with Chen stating players will always have “ultra rare” collectibles to chase. 

These collectibles may sound like NFTs, but they’re not. As Chen adamantly explains in a Washington Post interview, these digital items can’t be traded or sold and PlayStation Stars does not utilize blockchain technology in any way.  

“It’s definitely not NFTs. Definitely not” says Chen.

PlayStation Stars will gradually roll out across different regions sometime later this year. What do you think of this new loyalty program? Let us know in the comments!

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